Kid Tweets!


A million-dollar idea just came to me!  This is gonna be HUUUGGEEE!  I’ll make up Tweets that I think my kid (or other kids) might have taken the time out of their incredibly UNbusy schedule to type.  The craziest thing about this idea is that it is worth absolutely nothing and will be really unfunny by the time you finish.  ENJOY!

1.  My dad thinks I can read, but I just chew the corners and laugh when he does.  #dads

2.  Can’t believe the ‘rents don’t appreciate how I can wake either one of them up at 4am just to say “Hey!” (though it comes out “WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”  #alarmclock

3.  Hey, guys?  I’m not seeing the nutritional value in these blocks.  Thumbs down.  

Ya see?  I’m already losing steam.  But I’ll work on it and blow up your news feed with more gibberish.  At least for this week while I’m on spring break.   

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