The Easy Way Out


I was not planning on writing anything today–at least not while my kid was awake–but I just came across a short video from yesterday’s (March 2, 2014) Oscar broadcast.  It was a 20-second clip showing Bill Murray “sneaking in” a complimentary few words about Harold Ramis, who had passed away earlier in the week.  What bothered me was not the remark by the longtime comedian who went off script during a live broadcast.  No.  What prompted this short blog was one of the comments below the video that made reference to some injustice that Philip Seymour Hoffman was listed last on the “In Memoriam” montage and that it was ill-deserved because he (Hoffman) was a “drug addict who left three kids behind.”  This snarky, holier-than-thou ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT has got to stop.

Why do any of us think it is perfectly mature and reasonable to judge someone who suffers from any addiction?  Whether it be potato chips or heroine, members of society seem to enjoy name-calling, finger-pointing, and esteem-crushing toward other human beings who succumb to some type of addiction.

Here are some scenarios that actually exist in America.

1.  Addicted to pills?  Well, we’re family and all, but you’re not welcome in this house any more until you clean yourself up.

2.  Addicted to ice cream?  I’m leaving you because you can’t follow healthy eating habits.  Don’t contact me unless you’ve stopped eating ice cream.

3.  Addicted to alcohol?  You need to stop or you’ll never see your kids again?  What?  No, I don’t know how to help you.  Just stop.

4.  Addicted to your job?  Great!  We need more men like you here at Bullshit Industries.

5.  Addicted to Diet Coke?  FANTASTIC!  We have come out with a new size can so you can buy more of it for more money and never stop drinking our product!

6.  Addicted to celebrity gossip?  SO ARE WE!!!  Isn’t it fab?  Don’t you just love to gush about people we’ll never meet and who could not give two shits about either of us?

7.  Addicted to video games?  I know I bought you the console and the games and the extra controllers and all the snacks for your friends to come over and play….but you have to stop playing video games!

Okay, so I’m just so troubled how it feels like NO ONE wants to do anything to help people who have addiction issues.  Why?  My feeling is that it is just TOO DAMN EASY to paste a label on them and head to Starbucks with dog…stuffed in a handbag.

People die and it’s always sad.  They leave behind loved ones.  The circumstances surrounding suicides are all but irrelevant.  The one thing to take from any suicide is that about 6 BILLION people could have been there for that person but NO ONE WAS.  I’m absolutely no better than anyone still reading this.  I have lost a number of loved ones in my life and it’s never easy.  If anything is to be taken from this, it’s that we should strive to work JUST A LITTLE HARDER in helping each other feel accepted and loved.

2 thoughts on “The Easy Way Out

  1. I don’t know what to say or think about the whole suicide thing. I do know it is a very selfish act that can destroy families. I guess a person is so caught up in their own misery they can’t see it getting any better. Whether it be addiction or a mental disorder such as depression it is a sickness that should have been treated. My friends that have died at their own hand did seek treatment but would not stay on the meds they needed to fight their demons. Their families are left with much guilt, sadness and questions.


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