Meeting our Daughter


I’m so happy for you two…now three!!! We’re ecstatic to meet her this winter!!!

The Deglers in Thailand

We were really only going to play with a baby.  I’ve done that many times before, and considering my relatively low level of maturity, I’m pretty good at connecting with babies.  We speak the same language.  However this was different because I’ve never played with my daughter before.  On the drive to the children’s home, my gut began to churn and my face grew hot with nausea.  What if I accidentally vomit on her? 

We arrive to find a wonderfully cute and tiny 14-month old.  In fact, she is so small that we thought the age we were told must certainly be wrong.  At first, she held close to the children’s home caregiver, but without any fuss, she was placed on the floor and we played.  Her eyes were wide and I’m sure she was curious as to who these random people were and why their smiles were so…

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