Creative Writing Assignment #2 (1 of 3)


Only one of the three writings due this week was prose fiction; thus, here’s my entry below.  The instructions called for a brief (two-paragraph) scene that contains contrasts.

ENGL 202 – Creative Writing

Session 2:  Journal 1 (3 Prompts – imagery)

  1. Assignment:  “Write two paragraphs of your own in which you describe a brief fictional scene that is full of contrasts.  Make the contrasts meaningful to the character in your scene.”

Entry 1:

Jeremy’s mother, in a text message, asks if he’ll be sleeping there tonight.  Without responding, he sighs, unintentionally expelling a  pushpin of saliva.   Twenty-nine years old and running a plastic packing tape dispenser along the final crinkled box, he remembers that Sara and Ginni have been in Milwaukee for six-and-a-half days.   He kneels, then watches his hands as the tape dwindles to that eerie end where adhesive becomes lifeless cardboard.  There’s not enough to finish this box, which is filled with typical junk drawer inventory: opened battery blister packs, flip phones,  and creased concert tickets.  It’s midday; a narrow tower of sun blasts through the opening of the curtains he and Sara picked out the night she told him she was pregnant.  He watches the dust dance within the new bright avenue that lands on the empty hardwood floor they argued about.  Carpet, he’d told her, made more sense with a kid.  Couldn’t we just tear it up when she’s older?

Leaving the dispenser perched atop its flimsy castle, Jeremy realizes his feet are numb from being in this position so long.  Pressing his fingers into his eye sockets–one of Sara’s ever-growing list of pet peeves–he ran his dry, dusty fingers down his face and across his week-long scruff, and stands.  The hollow home  eight years earlier,  had been a blank canvas for a young crazy married couple to make into a home.  Now, perhaps, another would try.  Slowly, he lets the blood flow, mix, and return to normalcy within his unsocked feet before he turns around.  Had she purposely left that damn iron sign between the windows?  The one that read This Home Knows Love that he hated for its hokeyness?   His pocket vibrates again; Jeremy lifts the box, leaves the door unlocked for the realtor, and drives to his mother’s.

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