Conceal and Carry – A Confession


Today, I did it.  I was at school, and it was a Monday.  Part of why I chose today was because I truly felt no one would notice, nor would they even suspect me.  My school doesn’t have any type of metal detectors at the entrances, so I knew I could just ease in and go about my day with it behind my back.  In the mornings, most of the students and teachers walking around are catching up, trying to be somewhat chipper about the unseasonably warm weather.  I, too, was in good spirits because I was carrying into a school as a little experiment.

I’m not angry.  I don’t have much of an agenda, really.  With all the talk lately about conceal-carry—especially on campuses–I thought I owed it to myself, my own children, and the world to conduct a little test, just to see if I could get away with it.

This is, after all, a confessional.

I’ll keep it brief.  I went through my day without making any sort of deal about it.  I followed my normal routine all the way until after the last class had ended and the building virtually emptied.  I strolled down the hall toward the faculty restroom and smiled at my successful experiment.  I had done it.  I had made it the whole day and no one noticed.  No one even cared.  No one felt unsafe, and no one felt insecure.

I was secure.  I knew what was behind my back made me proud to exercise my Constitutional right.

I entered the restroom, closed the door, switched on the light, and sighed.  It took a second to withdraw it from my back.  The size had never felt so right.  My hand just looked right holding it before me.  The test was complete.

I sat down, still clothed.

and read my book…

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