Who Do I Think I Am, You Ask?


I’m older than I’ve ever been, and I still haven’t put my stuff out there to be read.  So, to punish the world, I’ve created this blog in the event that you Google the phrase “Stupid self-deprecating autobiography” or “Scary Clowns Seen” or “How to Make Money” (those last two might actually boost my “hits” numbers…)

I taught high school English for seventeen glorious years, and I am now at a community college in northern Indiana.  With all of that teaching experience, I feel safe in stating I’m an expert at virtually nothing above explaining comma splices and the horrors that are cliches.

I write when I can.  I should write more.  This introduction is currently being revised, so I’m contemplating whether or not that constitutes “real” writing.  I’ll get back with you on that one when I decide.

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