A Pretty Damn Big Problem


or… “What Frustrates Teachers the Most” (A Very Short Play)

Scene: A community pool at an overpriced (“luxury”) apartment complex. A large beefcakey man sits on a lounger and is looking at his phone. His daughter, approximately six, is swimming alone and calling for her father to join her as he had “pinky promised” he would.

Girl: Daddy!
Dad: ….
Girl: Dad! (pause) Dad! (a longer pause) DAD!!!!!
Dad: What!? I’m texting your mother!

Another man enters the pool and sits by the girl’s father. They discuss numerous muscles they have overworked during their most recent bro-workout.

Girl: Dad? Is today Tuesday?
Dad’s Friend: It’s Thursday, sweetheart. (Chuckles to self) S’been Thursday all day!
Dad: Yeah, she’s not in school now, so she don’t know nothin’.


I know I’ve only been a parent for a little less than two years, but I would hope this is an isolated (and terrible) example of poor parenting and not a common experience for any other children.


Stepping down now…

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