Eggers – Our Fathers, Where Are They? And Our Prophets, Do They Live Forever?


WOW! this book is absolutely incredible! While Eggers abandons many fiction writing norms, he in turn has cleared away all the muck and has presented readers with a bare bones announcement (manifesto?) of the New Lost Generation. While exploring the perspectives of various characters under differing levels of stress, he successfully jars readers to pay attention and wake up to this seedy world in which we live. We can no longer just pine for simpler times—we must live in our day and deal with our issues. Comparing the complexity of modern life to the easy-going eras of past generations is an abominable waste of time and energy. Brilliantly executed and a definite must-read for all, especially anyone who is exhausted with the horrendous current state of affairs in this world others have sacrificed so much to create and protect!

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