Who’s the Parent, Here?


I just read a student’s essay where she recalls being 8 years old, with her younger siblings, and stuck outside her locked house for over an hour in the middle of winter. All because her parents were at work. Oh, and the girl’s mother also told her she could “skip lunch” since she was a little chubby at the time. The essay is about a neighborhood woman who took it upon herself to help this young girl and her siblings by providing warmth and food. To me, the neighborhood woman is by far a better parent than either of her actual parents.

it takes a village


A Pretty Damn Big Problem


or… “What Frustrates Teachers the Most” (A Very Short Play)

Scene: A community pool at an overpriced (“luxury”) apartment complex. A large beefcakey man sits on a lounger and is looking at his phone. His daughter, approximately six, is swimming alone and calling for her father to join her as he had “pinky promised” he would.

Girl: Daddy!
Dad: ….
Girl: Dad! (pause) Dad! (a longer pause) DAD!!!!!
Dad: What!? I’m texting your mother!

Another man enters the pool and sits by the girl’s father. They discuss numerous muscles they have overworked during their most recent bro-workout.

Girl: Dad? Is today Tuesday?
Dad’s Friend: It’s Thursday, sweetheart. (Chuckles to self) S’been Thursday all day!
Dad: Yeah, she’s not in school now, so she don’t know nothin’.


I know I’ve only been a parent for a little less than two years, but I would hope this is an isolated (and terrible) example of poor parenting and not a common experience for any other children.


Stepping down now…