[Activity 2] “The Hell is This?”


The following is just Steps 1 and 2 from the previous writing activity. We did this in my graduate fiction writing workshop this week (Jan. 16, 2019).  Here’s what I came up with in my 5 minutes:

Shiny. That’s what drew me close. And as I approached it, my own image enlarged – me walking, reaching toward my own outstretched hand. Two gaping depths at the top. My investigative fingers soon found sharp metal strips along the inside. I withdrew them and peered in to discover thick metal rods–one in each slot, parallel to the tabletop.  Carefully, I dip my fingers in again to learn that each rod is bouncy. I turn the reflective round box and find a black spindle encircled with miniature lines and symbols.  Finally, I see a lever on the side’s center, which I learn enables me to lower the metal rods inside to a locked position.

NaNoWriMo Warm-Up Activities


I created this to get my creative writing students (and myself) some prompts to get in WRITING MODE for November.  I have attempted NaNoWriMo four times and have succeeded twice.  I’m looking to up my batting average to .600 by November 30.

Creative Writing Club Fall 2014 Writing Challenge


Get geared up for NaNoWriMo, gang!!!!

Mon. 10/13 Day 1 – 100 words short story with anagram name, age, “…was just found”

Tues. 10/14 Day 2 – 200 words autobiography of your life in 2014

Wed. 10/15 Day 3 – 300 words   biography of a favorite existing character

Thurs. 10/16 Day 4 – 400 words   memoir of a transitional moment from childhood

Fri. 10/17 Day 5 – 500 words   description of a significant place


Sat. 10/18 Day 6 –  600 words evaluation of the worst book you’ve ever read

Sun. 10/19 Day 7 – 700 words “autobiography” of a parent (in 1st person POV)


Mon. 10/20 Day 8 – 800 words a short story that includes a found heirloom

Tues. 10/21 Day 9 – 900 words two or three “super-short” stories

Wed. 10/22 Day 10 – 1000 words shortened version of a favorite movie/book/TV show

Thurs. 10/23 Day 11 – 1100 words description of an inspiring teacher/coach/neighbor, etc.

Fri. 10/24 Day 12 – 1200 words dialogue-only skit between two people in an argument


Sat. 10/25 Day 13 – 1300 words  dialogue-free prose depicting a day someone falls in love

Sun. 10/26 Day 14 – 1400 words a completely new short story


Mon. 10/27 Day 15 – 1500 words  a synopsis of an entire novel

Tues. 10/28 Day 16 – 1600 words  short story including someone getting fired from a job

Wed. 10/29 Day 17 – 1650 words  two speeches from people arguing a hot issue

Thurs. 10/30 Day 18 – 1667 words four “super-short” stories that intertwine

Fri. 10/31   Halloween!  Have a great day off!!


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1–SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30:  1,667 words each day = 50,000