The Would-Be Writer in Me


The short version of the reason I think I can write stems back to winning second place in a creative writing contest in college.  The long version, remarkably, has fewer details.  I teach high school English and evening classes at a community college.  I read Ayn Rand in the bathroom and Thomas the Train books to my son.  My wife and I are starting separate blogs.  I’ve said things that other people think are funny, even though nothing in this here-I-am paragraph would support that.

I am first and foremost really average.  I stand six-feet-zero inches and sit four-feet three inches.  I started this blog so I could avoid saying stupid things around the house and getting in trouble with my wife.  She’s the smart one, by the way.

I teach high school English, so I feel safe in stating I’m an expert at virtually nothing above deciphering teenagers’ handwritten versions of our beloved language.  I was a riverboat gambler, but those are really hard to get into the casinos these days.  I’m a father of two and will most likely bore the blogging world with my hard-to-believe stories about fatherhood.

If you don’t know me already, this brief description and my blogs will surely be enough to persuade you to avoid actual face-to-face contact with me for the rest of eternity.

To access some truly amateur writing, click any of the Categories on the left column.

Oh, and if you recently came into some money, my children would love it if you could help me crack the top 1,000,000 in Amazon sales by adding the following to your “Sympathy Purchase” Kindle books…

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