SNEAK PEEK! The (possible) first page to my (as of yet un-) published book!!



by Steve Lively


Introduction:  Words by the author

and intended for the reader


Gentle winds blow and tickle our skin, but we are more fearful when storms come in.  

I spent about fifeen seconds on that line.  It’s lousy.  I hope you know that.  Sure, it fits a standard rhythm, but it’s stupid.  However, you read it and you’re still reading this, so things aren’t going so bad so far.  For a no-name author, I have to be pleased that you’re still examining this first series of sentences to see what the hell is going on here.   This book is a work of fiction, but it, like so many novels, is based on a few real people, places, and events.  For one thing, I ‘m hoping this novel can serve as a sort of springboard for me into the “glitterati”–a term I think I just invented to describe reputable storytellers.  I’ve tried self-publishing once.  I’ve submitted ideas to other agents and publishers.  Unfortunately, the writing was terrible and quite worth of the extremely low royalties and small stack of thanks-but-no-thanks letters.  The truth is, I still believe, in my advancing age of thirty-seven, that I am a writer and will have multiple published books by real publishing houses in my lifetime.  This could be one of those books.  I sure hope so.  Otherwise, I’ll have to dust off my secret futuristic, apocalyptic, high school vampire novel that really should never see the light of day.  Trust me.

Go grab a cup of coffee/tea/soda/water/energy drink/Shakeology.  Enjoy.

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